One day ‘An eminent Lord’ – and the next – ‘A Child Sex Apologist’

Always an interesting read, Anna Raccoon hits the nail on the head with this one.

My, oh, my – the Conspiri-loons are fair drumming their heels in the Twitter aisles this morning. Monstrous tantrums. So near the sweetie counter – and yet so far!

Was it only Monday – two days ago – that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was being hailed as an ‘eminent Lord’ along with the Bishop of Durham for heeding their call for an ‘overarching inquiry’ into child abuse?

Every inquiry is ‘overarching’ these days, and none can be more overarching than an inquiry into the inquiries currently running which includes an inquiry into an inquiry into an inquiry that is the Macur inquiry. We need a portmanteau word. An ‘ArchInq’? Or perhaps merely a ‘KerchInk’ to reflect the handsome lawyer’s fees greasing the tracks.  Read More….

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