The Hot Seat Takeover Controversy

So, it seems there’s been a bit of a hooha over the last couple of days over the reaction of a well-known, popular author of erotic novels to some members of his street team taking part in a “Hot Seat” takeover in a closed Facebook group that got a little… shall we call it “lively”?


Now, to be clear, I do not condemn either the author for his reaction, OR those who took part in the takeover.

The author has every right to run his Street Team as he see fit, and the people who took part in the takeover did so in the belief that as a private, closed group (as opposed to an open public group) they were ‘playing’ in a safe, secure environment and so allowed themselves to go a little wild.

However, yesterday I read through the entire thread that caused the fuss on the author’s page (which now seems to have vanished – or at least, I can’t find it) and someone did point out that even though it was a private, closed group, it is possible for someone to screenshot the thread and then share it publicly. If anyone did this, or even thinks about doing something like that, THOSE are the people I would condemn.

Sharing what goes on in private forum with the public at large makes you no better than the hackers who so recently stole celebrities private photos from iCloud, or who were behind “The Snappening” or even going back as far as those who released “stolen” celebrity sex tapes – the most famous of which is probably the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee tape that started it all.

I have been involved in a takeover in the closed group in question – several in fact. The ladies there are all very nice women and are up for a laugh. We all had a lot of fun each time I was there. Yes, I didn’t allow it to get “out of hand”, but that is my nature and the image I want to project as the “Gentleman Author”. No nude selfies were asked for or exchanged (at least not asked for seriously – there was some joking about it) and no ‘cyber orgies’ took place.

But that’s not to say that if other authors want to take their events down that path they don’t have the right to do so. After all, everyone in that group is aware that things can get a little risqué and everyone involved would be consenting adults.

That said…. It’s my understanding that the author in question is making a stand and removing people from his Street Team if they choose to participate in these types of events. And while I would defend his right to run his Street Team as he feels best represents him and the values he claims to stand for, I do not have to agree with his decision or his methods of disseminating that information.

The following comes from the “Rules” (for want of a better word) of MY Street Team, The Spice Nymphs


  • You will be respectful at all times to other authors and their supporters – even when they are not respectful to you or about me. Facebook may be a playground, but we are not children and most certainly not bullies.
  • Be professional and courteous at all times both in your interactions within the group and your interactions outside of the group on the Team’s behalf.

My Nymphs represent me when pimping teasers, covers etc or when helping me out at takeovers. And that’s the extent of it. The rest of the time is their own. They are all adults and can make their own decisions. I trust them to be respectful and professional when representing me and to make the best choices for their own lives when they are not. I love them for the hard work they put in to promoting my books but I do not seek to control them or try to tell them what they can and cannot do if they want to be a part of my team.

So to anyone who has been asked to leave a Street Team for exercising their human right to free choice, or who feels they would like to join a team but not one that seeks to restrict their freedoms to be who they are, I invite you to join us, the Spice Nymphs – Spicey, Classy, Sassy.

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  1. I just wanted to applaud your statement. Not everyone who “plays” on takeovers are as noted in the statement made by the author on a rampage. I read approximately 1 book a day. I am a wife a mom of 3 . I have an amazing man that makes me see fireworks in the bedroom. With all that said I am a flirt & sexually outgoing. I love men & attention of men & women . Does that mean I am a bad wife, mother or lover. No it does not! Sorry to vent but I have been stewing since this happened & I wasn’t even involved in the chat. Lol
    Again thank you for allowing me to vent.
    I admire your view on this subject.
    All the best,

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